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Pool party season is upon us…

Starting up your pool always seems like such a task. We just want to be able to jump in. Neighbors are coming over, friends are coming over with their friends. Getting the pool up and running before the weekend is a challenge we accept.

Book your pool opening with King Pool & Spa today and be the first to enjoy your pool for this summer season. Weekly maintenance is available!!

STEP 1: If you have a cartridge filter system, are they already cleaned and ready to go?

STEP 2: Once we opened your pool, allow 2 days for your pool to stir up all those layers that sat during the winter months.

STEP 3: It is now time to vacuum and clean any debris.

STEP 4: Come into our store with a water sample and receive the proper adjustments for safe, clean and pool party ready water. Follow the printed off instructions and ENJOY!!!


  • Once a week balance your water to proper levels. If your checking and adding everyday your going up and down, up and down. Waste of $$$
  • Shock” treatments should be done once a week, are you using the pool everyday?? “shock” twice a week. Bather load uses up more chlorine. Salt system? Turn up the amount of output for your pool party but don’t forget to turn that back down.
  • shock” after a large bather load. Never cover the pool until the chlorine has come down.

shock” = (super chlorinate) Adding more than the normal amount of chlorine, bromine or other chemical sanitizers to the pool water to drastically raise the chlorine level for a short period.


Own a hot tub??

See our easy to use HOT TUB MAINTENANCE SHEET- Click here! (downloads as a PDF)


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